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Just some of the benefits of purchasing insurance through us:
You work with our staff and in the event you have an insurance claim, we act as your representative in achieving prompt claim settlement.
We have a "stake" in your satisfaction.
By insuring through us with a U.S. insurance company, you avoid miscommunication and delays are virtually eliminated.
A U.S. insurance company, licensed to do business in all fifty states, must meet each state's own criteria for financial strength, claims handling, and acceptability for banking requirements.
We can arrange exactly the insurance protection you require and be assured that your goods are being insured for the correct value.
We can negotiate very competitive rates on your behalf due to the volume of insurance we arrange. 
By insuring through us, you will know exactly what the insurance premiums is for each shipment. We even do the paperwork!

Through marine cargo insurance, we provide you with comprehensive coverage at an affordable cost. We want to insure that you minimize your exposure of financial loss and will work with you to analyze your exposure. 

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