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A staff dedicated to your account who works with you to solve problems as if each one were our own. We are informative and thorough, as well as sensitive to the needs of our clients.


Rather than bluff, we want an atmosphere where it's okay not to know the answer. With years of experience in the brokerage and international field, if we don't have the answer, we know where to look for it.


Tailored to meet your individual needs, we change as your business and personnel relationships change.

Our staff is committed to working with you and assisting in making the handling of your international shipments both smooth and expeditious.

Who we are...

A Customhouse Broker is a person who is licensed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to conduct Customs business on behalf of others. This includes a variety of tasks which often go beyond customs business in order to fully serve our clients.

Guy Perego founded the company in 1980 as Guy Perego Customs House Broker (CHB) on the premise of providing the highest standard of service. His promise was to be professional and productive in assisting clients in whatever way possible. We made our start in import brokerage and eventually expanded our service to encompass all aspects of transportation logistics.

The company was rebranded as Stella International in 2004. Our experience and expertise has transformed Stella's service offerings into a complete range of customizable international logistics services, which include freight forwarding, custom brokerage, letters of credit, cargo insurance, export licensing, and drawback (customs duty refunds).


As a boutique global logistics corporation, our customers benefit from the unique combination of Stella's ability to provide industry competitive pricing, an extensive portfolio of services, and the flexibility to customize services to meet and exceed each client's unique requirements. 


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